Fine Art Prints, Ocean Sports Prints and Custom Photographic Services

One of the World’s Best Extreme Surfing, Kitesurfing, Windsuring, SUP Surfing, Photographer is available for your project! Erik Aeder’s extreme Water Sports Photography has been published in major mainstream as well as industry magazines for over 30 years, with extensive coverage in publications around the world.

Erik continues to shoot Extreme Water Sports while he pursues his Fine Art Series of Bodies of Water (TM).

Custom Commercial Photography on Land, Water and Air

No matter what the project, Erik has the artistic vision and equipment to make it a success. Erik has worked on multiple assignments for Playboy, Outside Magazines, Nation Geographic Adventure as well as other National and International magazines. He has shot ad campaigns for Nike, J-Crew, Honda Japan, Deutsche Bank, Hugo Bass, Mars Corporation and many others.

He is regarded by clients as “able to produce the look desired, easy to work with,  and knowledgeable of many shooting locations in Hawaii and beyond.”  Erik Aeder has an extensive travel background.   His  stock library collection  consists of thousands of images, from archival to present day, of surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, lifestyle, fashion and scenic photography.

Erik’s Fine Art Collection of Bodies of Water (TM) adds etherial energy to the body of work.  Erik’s artistic vision, working underwater, in large bodies of water, manifests multifaceted emotions to any project.

Underwater Woman - BODIES OF WATER (TM)

Underwater Woman images in unique underwater environments.  Commerical Projects.   Fine Art Prints.

Sports, Fashion and Commercial Photography

Erik shoots lifestyle, fashion and travel as well as his action photography and has Medium Format, Digital Video, 16mm Film capabilities as well as an assortment of water housings and remote control camera mounts.